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Information for NZ Pharmacists can help you quickly and easily order, receive and dispense cannabis-based medicines that meet applicable regulations and standards for New Zealand. is an online ordering, tracking and regulatory compliance platform that enables pharmacists to locate and assess pharmaceutical-grade Cannabis-Based Medicines, while fulfilling all legal & regulatory obligations required in New Zealand.


Cannabis-Based Medicines are legally available in New Zealand under certain circumstances. However it is a complex and time consuming process for pharmacists. You must locate and assess a multitude of products available around the world, navigate New Zealand's myriad laws, regulations, import regulations, storage and delivery requirements, and safety policies, before filling out pages of paperwork, and keeping up with on-going reporting requirements post-dispensing.

These requirements present significant barriers to pharmacists dispensing to patients in New Zealand. The platform makes access to Cannabis-Based Medicines easier, quicker and cheaper.


  • Online secure login for pharmacists

  • Stop turning away patients because it's too difficult or there are no products available

  • Fulfil prescriptions by easily browsing & assessing products that meet New Zealand requirements

  • Order in just minutes and have it sent to your pharmacy for patients to collect

  • Compare generic products that may be substituted 

  • All products are in stock and in New Zealand

  • All products are GMP grade 

  • Nominate-A-Product: allows pharmacists to nominate a preferred product if it is not already in our system
  • No additional fees: we handle importation, licensing, storage, delivery, and regulatory compliance

  • PharmaCann's proprietary system automatically completes and submits all paperwork required under Medicines Act & Misuse of Drugs Act and associated regulations
  • Easy re-order function

  • Order tracking that is shareable with patients 

  • All records encrypted (AES256) as per the New Zealand government's health data security requirements. 

Can I return purchases?

No, once dispensed cannabis-based medicines cannot be returned. However many will be available in different pack sizes so they can be trialled without needing to import bulk amounts. 

What’s the minimum order amount?

That depends on the product. Pack sizes are set by the manufacturer. Most products will be available in monthly or three-monthly supplies. See our product pages or contact us for more information. 

Which countries do you ship to? is a proprietary platform designed from the ground up for New Zealand prescribers, pharmacists and patients. We currently ship only to New Zealand prescribers and pharmacists, however we may revisit this in future. 

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