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Are you eligible to access medicinal cannabis in New Zealand?

One in twenty New Zealanders use cannabis medicinally. There are now legal pathways for people to access both approved and unapproved cannabis-based medicines. However, for many the process can be difficult, onerous and time consuming.


Many patients have told us their doctors do not have enough time or confidence to navigate this process within a standard consultation, even if they agree CBM's may be therapeutically useful. That is why, even though one in twenty New Zealanders currently uses cannabis medicinally, relatively few have managed to gain approval to use Cannabis Based Medicines.

Our aim is to make prescriptions for cannabis-based medicines feasible within a regular 15-minute consultation.
















Our patient portal will help patients determine if they are eligible and whether cannabis-based medicines may help them, with a report able to be sent to their doctor or one of our own specialists to initiate the prescription process. This allows doctors and pharmacists to easily find, assess and dispense medical cannabis products, while maintaining compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.  This frees doctors and pharmacists to get back to treating patients rather than spending time on paperwork. 

Our tools and resources for patients will be rolled out in upgrades to this portal - coming soon.


Register here to stay informed about progress, including an invitation to beta-test the patient portal. 

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