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One in twenty New Zealanders use cannabis medicinally. Although there is are legal pathways for patients to access both approved and unapproved pharma-grade Cannabis-Based Products (CBPs), the process can be extremely difficult, onerous and time consuming.

Patients who find symptomatic relief using cannabinoids or cannabis-based medicines must navigate several sets of laws and regulations. Cannabidiol (CBD) products that meet the NZ requirements can be prescribed by any doctor without needing special permission (subject to certain conditions), however patients wanting to use products that contain THC still need special approval, on a case-by-case basis, from the Ministry of Health. 


  • Only doctors and other authorised prescribers (not patients) can apply to access cannabis-based medicines. 

  • Prescribers must find, assess, and choose between a variety of cannabis-based medicines available overseas. There are oils, patches, sprays, drops, lozenges, gums, balms, vaping flowers, suppositories and a whole lot more. Some are pharma-grade, many are not. Some are affordable, many are not. Some will work for you, while others may not. Some contain what the label says, while others do not.

  • Prescribers or pharmacists must then import the product themselves. Products that contain THC require a license from Medicines Control to import the product. The product supplier must also obtain an export permit from their country. To comply with UN drug treaties, original copies of both permits must accompiany the shipment.

  • The shipment may be required to use special refrigerated secure facilities during transit. Your prescriber or pharmacist is then expected to clear it through Customs. They must comply with strict storage and delivery requirements. 

  • There are ongoing reporting and regulatory requirements, which are not straightforward but must be complied with. This is especially the case with unapproved medicines. 

  • For CBPs other than CBD products this process must be repeated every three months.

Many doctors and pharmacists simply to not have enough time or expertise to confidently navigate this process, even if they agree CBM's may be useful for you. That is why, even though one in twenty New Zealanders currently uses cannabis medicinally, only a few have managed to gain approval to use Cannabis Based Medicines. 

PharmaCann's online platform is designed to solve what we believe is the main barrier for patients seeking relief with Cannabis Based Medicines.

It allows doctors and pharmacists to easily find, assess and dispense GMP-grade medical products, while automatically filing regulatory reports and maintaining compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.  This frees doctors and pharmacists to get back to treating patients rather than spending hours on paperwork. 

Our aim is to make Cannabis Based Medicines available within your regular 15-minute consultation.

How do I access Cannabis-Based Products in New Zealand?

What products are available? is negotiating with several suppliers to distribute their products from our secure facilities here in New Zealand. All our products will be GMP pharma grade. They will not be synthetic. Our company philisophy is to support the use of products derived from cannabis plants.


Over the medium to long term intends to produce our own products, made from cannabis grown here in New Zealand, in order to further drive down costs, and provide patients with more choice and quicker access. 

We will also consider Cannabis Based Products based on prescriber and patient demand. Please use our enquiries page to nominate a product for consideration. 

Which countries do you ship to? is a platform designed for New Zealand prescribers and pharacists to safely and legally provide pharma-grade medical cannabis products to their patients. As such, we only ship to medical professionals and pharmacies in New Zealand.

Can I return purchases?

No. Cannabis based medicines are not returnable. However they may be ordered and dispensed in relatively small amounts, depending on the product. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist.