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Zeacann is a vertically-integrated cannabis company focused on safety, affordability and improving health outcomes. Our focus on patients continues with compassionate pricing and patient advocacy. Zeacann's R&D program includes a partnership with AUT to develop novel products. Our portal,, is designed to improve access by making ordering and compliance simpler. was founded in 2017 in response to patient and prescriber demand for a simpler, quicker and more affordable ways to access medicinal cannabis products, while maintaining strict quality controls and robust reporting procedures. 

To reflect our South Pacific roots and our focus on servicing export markets, PharmaCann New Zealand has relaunched as Zeacann Limited.


Our vendor neutral portal will remain at, and will continue to offer a more straightforward way for prescribers and pharmacists to access medicinal cannabis products for their patients while maintaining robust quality control and ensuring full regulatory compliance. 

Premium Producer of New Zealand Cannabis-Based Products

Zeacann's products will be:

• Produced using sustainable methods in New Zealand
• Distributed through the portal to prescribers and pharmacies

• Manufactured to GMP and/or other permitted standards 
• Used for clinical trials in New Zealand
• Exported where it is legal to do so

Professional Memberships


Zeacann/ is a founding member of the New Zealand Medical Cannabis Council and also a member of the Australian Medical Cannabis Council and follows their Code of Conduct. Members adhere to five key underpinning principles:​

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